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At Alpha Scaffolding, we can tailor a scaffolding system to meet the access and safety requirements of any construction or maintenance project.

We are 100% committed to ensuring a safe and reliable scaffolding product. By using Layher Scaffolding Systems, we can produce scaffolds much more effectively with a superior end product.

Our Scaffolding Services Include:

SystemScaffolds - Mobile Scaffolds - Hanging Scaffolds - Cantilevered Scaffolds - Heavy Duty Scaffolding - Facade Scaffolds - Stages - Propping - Seating - Tube & Clip Scaffolds - Roof Edge Protection
    If you are in need of a professional scaffolding system, please phone our team on
    (07) 870 1570 or email info@alphascaffolding.co.nz.

    Layher Scaffolding System

    Made in Germany, Layher is the world's leading modular scaffolding system. Layher's modular scaffolding systems meet relevant European and Australian/New Zealand standards, are WorkCover registered and ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certified.


    Need a quality scaffolding service that will be an asset to your project management?
    We'll meet any access requirements on a commercial scale with a consistently high-level of communication and planning. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide a professional service from start to finish.


    Have a large scale project with challenging access requirements?
    The versatile and advanced "Layher" scaffolding system allows us to solve any access requirements. We provide scaffolding solutions to meet time requirements, are flexible in our approach, quick to respond and consistently deliver quality, cost-effective results.


    Need a scaffolding team to get the planning right from the start to avoid costly delays?
    Whether your project is construction, maintenance or additions, we can provide a safe working platform and edge protection at all heights and elevations for all tradesmen. We'll deliver a compliant scaffolding system and get it right first time to give you a competitive advantage.