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Te Awamutu Mega Centre

Date: October 2011
Client: Q Construction

Large scale commercial scaffolding project requiring 1350m2 and 34 tonne of scaffolding for propping, exterior scaffolding and roof edge protection.

Waikato Rugby Union Building

Date: November 2014
Client: Kaneba

Scaffolding and shrinkwrap system required to be cantilevered 5m over glass.

The Turret, Hamilton

Date: June 2014
Historical Building
Complex scaffolding system required to replace and repair the turret roof of this historical house. Minimal scaffolding was allowed to land on the roof. 90% of the scaffolding weight was transferred back to the ground though bracing.

8m of scaffolding was cantilevered between scaffolds using the Layher bracing system.

First Credit Union

Date: March 2015
Client: Livingstone Building Ltd

Scaffolding, shrinkwrap and roof-edge protection required for repairs to the existing building.

The Lake House

Date: February 2015
Client: Murray V Shaw Builders

Scaffolding, propping and roof-edge protection required for the construction of a new 3-storey home.

Propping Wall

Date: February 2015
Client: Livingstone Building Ltd

Scaffolding propping required to support an industrial warehouse and hoarding wall while major extensions were added to the existing building. The factory must be able to continue operating.

8.5 tonne and 80 lineal meters of propping was required with a maximum capacity of 34.80 KN per standard.

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